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Back Posture Correction Belt Hunchback Prevention Correction of Sitting Posture Unisex Breathable Body Shaping

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Product description

● Description:

Name:Back correction strap
Material: velvet cloth + 8MM high density sponge + nylon webbing
Packing: bagged

● Functional characteristics:

1,You can use it not only when you are idle, but also at work, housework, driving, sports, and more.
2,You can use it anytime, anywhere, after putting on clothes, others will not see that you have a brace, very hidden.
3,You need to stick to it, just use, stick to 10-20 minutes a day, after the use of habits, you can increase the time every day, your back and neck will slowly change, this is a process, this must be adhered to, only stick to the use can have an effect.

Our products are recommended for adult male/female use, and children should try to avoid using them as much as possible to avoid causing physical discomfort to children.

● Package list:
1 * Back correction strap

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